What do you think of Anti-fa?

Terrorists or heroes?

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(+2) SunshinyCometAdmin 2.0  (5 months ago)

Terrorists, but not even the freedom fighter- types. Just a bunch of 20-somethings that operate their L33T resistance group from their parents' attic.

(+1) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (5 months ago)

I agree, they are really pretty scummy

(0) shinwit (5 months ago)

Yeah fuck antifa

(+2) saint (5 months ago)

Apart from what others have said, I think they're also a symptom of people not having a goal or direction in life, so they sort of latch onto what they see is a noble cause, because they don't really have anything to work towards or fight for in life.

(+1) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (5 months ago)

Yeah, a lot of it is them not having anything productive to do so they must fight those scary “fascists”

(+1) shinwit (5 months ago)

Antifa is the scum

(0) Russian_Ultron (5 months ago)

AntiFa is a group of buck-passing losers who ironically blame everyone but themselves for the issues they face. We have a good system in the USA. If you want something, you can work for it and get it. If you want MORE, that means you have to work harder and more often to get it. They don't want to have to work at all, yet they still want the things that people who do work have. So they launch a campaign against Capitalism because it's not compatible with their laziness and seemingly absent sense of accountability.

To justify their cause, they claim to be a voice for the voiceless and they attribute being "voiceless" to gender and ethnicity. Yet, when people who have the defining characteristics of the "Oppressed" speak out and say they don't feel oppressed, they are immediately casts out among the alleged "White Supremacists". These aren't just any "White Supremacists" though. These are supremacists who fall under the leadership of a group of elite Wall Street white people whose sole purpose is to ensure that the next generation of the elite is white and a biological male.

AntiFa is a dangerous cult following conspiracy theories to the point that they are willing to act out in violence. They should be considered as bad as any of the groups they claim to be fighting against.

(+1) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (5 months ago)

You make a good point, it’s really pathetic how they try and enforce their beliefs through violence. It’s ironic because that’s exactly what fascists do.

(0) muneyotxiFodé  (5 months ago)

Romantic idealists, who to make it worse are just young people who still don't learn a real thing about life. Some yuppies and middle to high class youngsters passing through the age where they want to be "ahead" and "change the world" rebelling against what they see as antiquated and old-fashioned. Gotta guess their parents didn't punish them enough and probably loved them a lot spoiling them, so they think they deserve everything just because they exist, likely if reality owes them anything; they also want to be seen as "virtuous" and "unique" so then they add the white-guilt stuff.

I wonder if these people after getting old will still continue with the same stupid stuff, probably not.

(0) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (5 months ago)

Yeah its rather crazy tbh