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What are your opinions on extreme politics? Would you regard antifa as a terrorist organization?

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(+4) registereduser (7 months ago)

Donald Trump is a gun grabbing jew puppet traitor.

I waited 50 years for a candidate to come along that I thought I could vote for in good conscience. Huge disappointment that was.

I'm returning to my original and correct position that every one of these bastards is out to fuck over the citizens, Dems, Repubs, Indies, whatever. They are all traitors.

I am curious though about others who voted Trump as I did, especially guys who like me are older and never participated in the bogus system before. What do in 2020? Biden will probably be the Dem. Trump probably the Rep.

Neither will secure the border, eject the illegals already here and respect our Bill of Rights.

Are we truly approaching a civil war in the near future?

(0) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (7 months ago)

I personally think Donald Trump has been a good president so far but it's definitely interesting to hear different opinions! Thanks for sharing!

(0) shinwit (7 months ago)

What specifically do you not like about Donald Trump? His policies or some personal traits?

(+3) registereduser (7 months ago)

I mean,.. gun grabbing jew puppet traitor.

I don't have a problem with is personality really. I rather enjoy it at times.

The wall was kind of a big deal to me, more symbolic though, we don't really need it. A proper fence will do. What we need is manpower on the border, a simple thing to accomplish. Build a military base that stretches the length of the border 2 - 5 miles thick or whatever. A caveman could figure this shit out. Also the illegals already here need to be deported with extreme prejudice. Air drop those fuckers on the southern tip of South America.

Gun grabbers should be dragged out in the street and get one in the back of the head. Period.

(0) shinwit (7 months ago)

The wall is currently being built read this.

As to the issue of him being anti-gun. I do agree that I would have liked to see him take a stronger stance on the issue.

(+1) registereduser (7 months ago)

You mean the existing fence is being repaired upgraded? LMAO.

Like I said, least important and mostly symbolic. Millions of illegals are already here that need to be deported with extreme prejudice.

Meanwhile thousands of illegals continue to pour across the border now.

He's done nothing of substance on this issue. I'm told more illegals have entered on his watch than on Hussein Obama's watch.

Gun grabbers should be dragged out into the street and get one in the back of the head. Period.

(+1) shinwit (7 months ago)

Yeah, I hope he is better in 2020

(-1) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (7 months ago)

I definitely agree mate, Trump is great but he sure isn't living up to my expectations.

(-1) registereduser (7 months ago)

I don't think I could vote for him again given his call for the red flag lists. That crap is completely against The Constitution in numerous ways.

I doubt there's anything he could do between now and the election that could negate or make up for his calls for such blatantly and severely Anti-American behavior.

I'm not joking even a little bit about my feelings about gun grabbers. They really should be dragged into the street and get one in the back of the head. And yes, I'm aware of the perceived hypocrisy. My reluctance to act alone is not hypocrisy, it is simply fear and self preservation. I have nothing material to loose, but I kinda like being able to come and go as I please. Also I've had a taste of life in jail, it's not for me.

(-1) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (7 months ago)

Who will you vote for instead? Even though I may not love trump, he is still way better then the alternatives

(+1) registereduser (7 months ago)

See my top comment.

The only way to win is to not play.

You can not vote your way out of this. The time for a purge was many years ago. With each passing year it'll only be more and more difficult to excise the cancer until it is finally too late, which it may be already.

Voting has failed.

Discussion has failed.

Peaceful protest has failed.

You know what didn't fail when this country broke away from another group of tyrants?

(+2) shinwit (7 months ago)

Anti-fa is a growing cancer on our society, mainstream censorship brought on by violent terrorists is not the direction we as a country should be going.

(+1) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (7 months ago)

Big Facts!

(+2) DominisquaBurgermeister  (7 months ago)

They're a terrorist group by definition, but they're stupid, can't even research the term 'Fascism'- I hear they're supposedly against it, yet here I am and ''Conservatives'' are taking the blows, it's quite funny honestly

(-1) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (7 months ago)

Yeah ducking clownworld