We just finished the release of our new subverse creation system, you can now create a new subverse if your account is older then 7 days and a minimum karma threshold of 15. (This is to prevent our severs from getting a lot of spam requests, please let us know if you think these values should be adjusted.).


One of the things that we need to put some attention to is the way that Dissent handles moderators. We want some community feedback on how moderators should be appointed. Should you become a moderator when you create a new subverse or should they be appointed by admins or a small triumvirate of users? Please let us know what you think of our changes and what we could do better!

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(+3) mstrchandler (7 months ago)

I think people should become moderators when they make a subverse, but they can also appoint co-moderators for their subverse as well

(+3) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (7 months ago)

I definitely agree, when a new subverse is created, the creator becomes a moderator and can appoint others

(+3) SunshinyCometAdmin 2.0  (6 months ago)

Fren, can you give me a singular up... thing? I'm at 14 karma rn and want to make a subverse

(+2) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (6 months ago)

I give u updoot. You should only need 10 karma to create a subverse

(+2) Epic (7 months ago)


(+2) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (7 months ago)

Gamers rise up

(+2) mstrchandler (7 months ago)

How does one request to make a new subverse?

(+1) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (7 months ago)

Go to your home feed and press "create a new subverse"

(+1) mstrchandler (7 months ago)

I don't see anything that says that

(+1) shinwit (6 months ago)

Try looking again, for some reason the threshold was set to a minimum of 30 karma, its currently now down to 15.

(0) mstrchandler (6 months ago)

Cool, thank you!