PSA: Moving from Cloudflare to Bitmitigate

After the recent events with Cloudflare dropping protection for 8chan, we decided that it would be wiser to preemptively move away from Cloudflare. In order to protect ourselves from getting our domain seized we also decided that transferring to Epik would be a smart move.

What does this mean?

Dissent most likely be down for the next few hours while DNS records propagate. Please be patient while we make the move.

Comments (5)

(+2) gergirtrainee  (7 months ago)

That's good thinking. Given how easy it seems to be to silence an entire community without consequences, 8chan's unlikely to be the last.

(+2) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (7 months ago)

Yep, we don't intend on making the same mistakes here.

(+2) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (7 months ago)

Right now we are using namecheap but after I read this article I knew it was time for a move.

(0) Chef_BoyardeeFrenwar Manager. null-123198a987s  (7 months ago)

Oh feck.

(+1) prometheus OP Fight Censorship  (7 months ago)

Yeah, we are planning to move this week!