New Features

What are some new features you guys want to see on Dissent? Let us know! Edit: Thanks for the awesome responses!

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(+4) chapoTheGOdHappy Fren  (3 months ago)

The next big thing I want to see is like a edit post/comment button, I already saw that you guys updated the markdown system and I like it!

(+3) prometheus OP End Censorship  (3 months ago)

That is a great idea! We will be sure to implement an edit post tool! Glad you like the markdown!

(+3) UnityAndStrengthRespect is mutual, rights are universal.  (3 months ago)

Are we able to build our own subverses?

(+2) prometheus OP End Censorship  (3 months ago)

That subverse system is being reviewed currently, it should be fixed in the next 24-48 hours.

(+1) cvzexAlt-Right 👌  (3 months ago)

If you can fix the subverse creation system that would be awesome.

(+1) prometheus OP End Censorship  (3 months ago)

We are currently working on it! Should be fixed on the next 24 hours!

(+1) gergirtrainee  (3 months ago)

Profile pics, please - with an option not to display them for those who dislike them. Pics can be helpful keeping track of users whose posts one likes.

(+1) prometheus OP End Censorship  (3 months ago)

That’s a good idea! I’ll definitely add it to the list!

(+1) prometheus OP End Censorship  (3 months ago)

Would you prefer square or round profile pictures?

I've seen both on different sites but which one do you think looks better?

(+1) gergirtrainee  (3 months ago)

Round looks better, but then some parts can be obscured, so squared is safer.


(+1) prometheus OP End Censorship  (3 months ago)

Okay great! thats on the list to be implemented

(+1) DominisquaBurgermeister  (2 months ago)

Would be lovely if you made navigation of the site a lot easier, adding all the sub-threads somewhere to navigate easily though would be a blessing. As of right now I haven't figured out how to easily access this (if it is already a feature)

(+1) prometheus OP End Censorship  (2 months ago)

Right now it shows what subverses you are subscribed to in your sidebar, do you think an list of all subverses would be a good feature?

(+1) DominisquaBurgermeister  (2 months ago)

Yes one hundred percent, I think making a search bar that allows you to type in which post you're looking for and which thread would be handy

(+1) prometheus OP End Censorship  (2 months ago)

Thats a good idea!