A few things in my mind need to happen if this site doesn’t want to die.

1)Users. It’s gonna need users. I think it would be a good idea to post about it on more rightist subreddits and sites because of censorship. In the heat of the moment I posted about it on r/T_D so that might help.

  1. Communities. There need to be more and I feel like it should be more of a unregulated thing when the site gets larger(like Reddit’s subreddit creator, where there is no approval). I put in a request for a meme subreddit that would probably help with this sites popularity.

  2. Mobile client. I don’t know if there’s been any talk of one for this site between you creators, or if it’s been too soon for it, but I’ve been learning app development for Android and iOS and I’d personally love to help build one for this promising site.

At this moment that’s what I’ve got, but it should be taken under advisement soon to get this ship moving.

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(+2) prometheusFight Censorship  (9 months ago)

I would love to have any help you can provide! If you want to get involved in the development of the site just message me either on here or on Reddit. If you have any app developerment experience it would be much appreciated!

(0) prometheusFight Censorship  (9 months ago)

Pm me with your discord username

(0) CCAnti-Censorship  (5 months ago)

If you advertise too much on T_D, It's never going to be a competitor since it'll look hostile to people not on T_D.