I was going to post this on the subreddit but my account isn't anonymous enough for my liking. Feel free to copy and paste this there if you like it I don't mind.

The Amish -Germanic Anabaptists -reject modern technology, work the land -traditional gender roles -typical family has seven children -population doubles every 20 years

Traditional Catholics -people belonging to SSPX or FSSP chapels that clearly teach Catholic doctrine on marriage and birth control -family oriented, typically have four or more kids, many chapels have families with 10+ children -politically and culturally right wing -majority white but ethnically diverse to an extent

Russian old-believers -have villages in rural Russia -regions with high concentrations have natural growth rate -presence in America too -don't have much information but I'm sure the birthrates are high

Quiverfull -Protestant Christian movement centered around having as many children as possible -not ethnically homogeneous but vast majority white Quote from an adherent: "Mothers determine the destiny of the nation," Campbell says. "We're in a battle for the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. And our children are all part of that battle."

Laestadianians -conservative Lutherans -Mostly ethnically and geographically Finnish -birthrate of 5.47 compared to the rest of Finland with birthrate of 1.47 -presence in North America, highest birthrate in New Hampshire is due to a large concentration of them in a NH town

Hasidic Jews -ethnically homogeneous jews -filling up neighborhoods all over the US and Israel -6.7 children on average compared to regular Israeli women at 3

Mormons -lowest birthrate on the list but still positive at about 3 -very white almost ethnically homogeneous -already fairly large population means the growth will be more substantial even with low birthrate compared to other groups

Religious identity is the key to growth for European ethnic groups. I'm not expecting anyone to convert to Haredi Judaism I just included them on the list because they too are a growing religious group in the West. God bless you all.

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Def interesting, will post!

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Yeah be sure to, I feel this may inspire some people and is definitely a whitepill. The war for a return to past greatness is not fought with guns but fought with faith and families.

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I definitly agree. Remember to keep spreading the word about dissent!